Behind the Koncept
It’s nature’s architecture that gives a vital foundation to our creations. 70% open spaces, free flow of air and freshness, showers of greens and blues.
More space, more nature, more freshness, more elements, and more freedom. When you have everything to do, happiness is just a step away at one of our properties.
Our projects are designed to work in harmony with the environment around us, with an emphasis on sustaining that delicate balance.
4 million sq.ft in
6 million
sq.ft delivered

So much of modern architecture is about separating us from our environment. We don’t agree with that. We believe in oneness with nature, in legacies that appreciate in value over time and sustainable infrastructure development as the way of the future.

Our vision

Envisioning and executing industry leading real estate projects that grow in value and confer a sense of pride in ownership to those who place their trust in us.

Our mission

Create wellness communities that foster productivity and happiness amongst their residents.We create low-density environs surrounded by the best that nature has to offer.

Our journey
Commercial Project in Hyderabad
We introduced India to a whole new concept of modern retail spaces with the opening of Swapnalok in Hyderabad, including many features that were never seen before, bagging us the prestigious National Design Award.
Whisper Valley
Residential project at Manikonda, Hyderabad
As India’s first gated community, Whisper Valley set the benchmark for healthy living spaces and heralded the community of gated villas. 83 residential units spread over 13 acres, and a built-up area of 2,70,000 sq.ft., surrounded by the best of nature.
Ambience Canton
Residential Project at Kompally, Hyderabad
The serenity of lush greenery, over 7 acres and a built-up area of 1,56,000 sq.ft. 60 beautiful villas in the midst of it, well spaced out, with all the room you need. Ambience Canton is a breath of fresh air, quite literally.
Ambience Anthem
Residential Project at Kompally, Hyderabad
A project that exceeded expectations and set standards in luxury living, green spaces and wellness. Ambience Anthem is a gated community of 68 beautiful residential units, over 28 acres, and a built-up area of 2,92,178 sq.ft.
Palm County
Residential Project at Manikonda, Hyderabad
35 gorgeous, spacious villas, and all the luxuries you could ask for. Including open spaces and immaculate design. Palm County is spread over 5.5 acres of beautiful land, and a built-up area of 1,17,570 sq.ft.
The Neighbourhood
Residential Project at Kompally, Hyderabad
285 impeccably designed residential units, spaced out over 37 acres of natural landscapes, beautiful greenery and a world of wellness, with a built-up area of 7,80,000 sq.ft.
Residential Project Manikonda, Hyderabad
Tranquillity, in all its glory. 61 serene villas, happy owners and a life of peace and bliss. Trails is located in Hyderabad’s Manikonda, over 12 acres of land, and a built-up area of 3,50,000 sq.ft.
The Botanika
Residential Project at Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Goodness, nature and life, epitomised within. Built in one of the most sought-after locations in Hyderabad, overlooking the lush 200-acre botanical garden, The Botanika has become a coveted address, a landmark. A 5-star clubhouse stands amongst a host of incomparable offerings.
Residential Project at Sarajpur Road, Bangalore
Within a 20-acre mango orchard, lie 185 immaculately designed 3 & 4 BHK villas, complementing the freshness of nature, with everyday luxuries of life. Walk along the trails, breathe the sweetness in the air, listen to the birds as they sing. Happiness is right at your doorstep, and all around.
Ambience Downtown
Residential Project at Cooke Town, Bangalore
We are proud to launch the construction of Ambience Downtown, home to 3, 4 and 5 BHK condominiums, at the very heart of Bengaluru, off Wheeler Road. It’s home to the good life, where you’ll find a reason to smile, at every corner. From gorgeous community spaces, to a grand clubhouse with all things luxury, the project offers a range of unmatched facilities, for work, for play, for life.
Woodsong Around the Mangoes
Live in a mango orchard. Take all luxuries for granted. Imagine living in a 20 acre mango orchard, with a bundle of privileges, served undiluted. Where the freshness of nature greets the smartness of technology. Where wellness and happiness is a way of life, as architecture cajoles design to provide the best in every square feet.
Chairman Message
We believe in oneness with nature just as we go that extra mile to create unique projects. We strive to leverage more value to our customers so their investments grow well.

Our ethos revolve around two important cornerstones – Wellness & Happiness. We take care that we follow the path of nature when we do our landscaping, maximising open areas. Similarly, we want the people who inhabit our environs to enjoy pure air, ample light, good water as this leads to more productivity, and therefore, happiness.

Sustainability is our top priority, that’s why our architecture is designed around nature for a clean environment. Stay pure, feel good in an Ambience project, always.

Leadership Team
Pawan Kumar Agrawall
Managing Director, Koncept Ambience
Pawan Kumar Agrawall brings in a rich vein of experience in execution and finance. He has been the driving force behind the growth of the company.
Yashwant Agarwal
An MBA from EDII, Ahmedabad, he has been with the business for 19 years, with strong expertise in project management, execution, marketing and design development of projects. He is a key driver in the company’s constant evolution.
Khushboo Agrawall
Director of Finance, Accounts & Administration
A Chartered Accountant by education, Khushboo Agrawall brings to bear an active experience of 19 years in the company. She handles finance, accounts and administration departments at Koncept Ambience.
Avinash Agarwal
With a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Chicago, he began his career with Ernst & Young, before joining the company. He is deeply involved with marketing, execution and new project development.
Mukul Agarwall
With degrees from Purdue University and SP Jain institute of Management, Mukul Agarwall is part of the Core Construction, Technical and Business Development team of the company.
Sridhar Vangala
Technical Head and Projects Coordinator
Sridhar Vangala brings an experience of over 23 years in construction from NDRI, UP Jal Nigam, IOCL, IBP, Bajaj, Naval Project (DGNP). He is an alumnus of Bangalore University’s Engineering Department. He is the Technical Head and Projects Coordinator at Koncept Ambience.
What our community says
This place is just so breezy, full of birds chirping at dawn & dusk, beautiful sunsets, clear blue skies and amidst the beautiful mango laden trees. This is a perfect resort-like living so close to nature. Without actually going to the woods, we are listening to the 'woodsong'.
We always wanted a contemporary design for our dream house and they had the exact kind of designs we wanted, a fascinating mix of modern panacea set in green forestland. With so much greenery around, it is a natural and welcome habitat for birds and other critters. Most mornings feel like hill station weather and the rest of the days feel like a resort.
Bright, airy and spacious, these redefine the ideal family home for large families and ours has been enjoying the luxurious Botanika for the last four years. The layout, especially the Botanical garden, reminds me of the time I spent in Europe and I would love to live out my retirement here!
Coming here was a pure delight! The tasteful landscape, the freshness, the luxury of the club, everything is special out here and like-minded neighbours make it a place to network as well. All of us have our own corner and a great view of the Botanical Gardens.
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